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100% of  the proceeds from sales of Put on the Cape merchandise will go to 

Put on the Cape: A Foundation for Hope. 


About Put on the Cape: A Foundation for Hope

Children’s Advocacy Centers in Arizona see children daily who are acute victims of physical and sexual abuse as well as other traumatic experiences. Our Foundation is unique in that we give aid and comfort to children who are victims of unspeakable crimes as they go through the investigative process inside an advocacy center. When their clothing is taken as evidence, we help provide them new, clean clothing. When their bellies rumble during their hours long stay, we help the Centers provide them food and drink. When they are overwhelmed and sad, we collect their favorite Superhero Action figure or Barbie for the Advocacy Center to give them to take home. When their parents explain their economic struggle, we make sure they can leave with school supplies, medicine, and hope for their child. We are asking for you to PUT ON THE CAPE and help us help them.